The Best Fitness Classes in Bridgend

Whether you prefer kettlebells or Pilates, we’ve got the perfect fitness class for you in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan. At Pilates Studio InnerPeace Fitness, we’re passionate about providing inclusive, welcoming classes that allow you to get fit, have fun, and make friends. If you’re interested in our sessions, please get in touch!

Jo is a qualified and experienced fitness instructor, all abilities are welcome at the classes, and the emphasis is on having fun whilst getting fit in a safe environment.

Fitball Workouts

This is a core-strengthening class which is designed to improve range of motion, strength, stability, coordination, and balance. Used by a wide range of participants, from top athletes to the complete novice, these sessions provide an excellent workout which results in a stronger core, an improved posture, and better body alignment. Fitball is also an ideal progression for those who currently undertake mat-based Pilates classes.

This session is included in one-to-one sessions only.

Legs, Bums, and Tums (LBT)

These sessions are body-conditioning classes designed to increase muscle tone and sculpt the body into the shape you want! Using resistance from equipment or body weight, the exercises are designed to target those problem areas.

Classes are on a Thursday at 6pm


The kettlebell workout is designed for all round training. They are great for burning calories whilst building strength and fitness.

This session is included in one-to-one sessions only.

Memory Lane (Dementia)

Memory Lane is a fun session that includes:

Page 3 - Memory Lane (Dementia)

  • Starting with Mobility to Warm up the Body

  • A Chat about a Chosen Subject

  • Visual Memory Activities That We Remember from Our Past

  • Relax/ Massage While Seated

  • Finishing with Coffee and Cake

Muscle Max

Muscle Max uses barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition muscles. The class uses high-repetition weight training and aerobic conditioning to help you lose weight and change your general body shape in a short space of time.

This session is included in one-to-one sessions only.


Pilates has been used widely in its purest form by dancers and athletes to increase core stability, muscle strength, and flexibility. Pilates consists of controlled mat-based exercises. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength, and flexibility. Continued participation of Pilates training will result in a more balanced body which is strong and supple with excellent posture and alignment.

Pilates is also beneficial to your general wellbeing as it creates awareness, helping your mind and body to work in harmony.

Jo is a qualified Pilates Practitioner and can guide and advise you through the techniques.

Class Times

Fitness Classes

  • Monday 10:00am Upper Body

  • Monday 11:00am YogaWorks

  • Tuesday 10:00am Ashtanga Yoga

  • Tuesday 11:00am Pilates

  • Wednesday 6:00pm Yogalates

  • Wednesday 7:00pm Pilates

  • Thursday 6:00pm Pilates

  • Thursday 7:00pm Beginners Pilates

  • Friday 10:00am Ashtanga Yoga

  • Friday 11:00am Beginners Pilates

  • Saturday 10:00am ​Yogalates

Step Aerobics

This is a fantastic cardiovascular workout which uses a height-adjustable step. Each session is designed to tone and shape the entire lower body whilst providing a high-calorie-burning workout at the same time! Continued participation in this class will result in an increase in cardiovascular capacity, coordination, and lower-body muscle definition.


Yoga is an excellent way to rebalance your body and mind. Everyone can practice yoga regardless of age, fitness, or ability.

Jo can show you how to use yoga techniques to improve your health and fitness or to relieve any injuries and problems you may have including stress-related worries. Whatever your objectives, Jo can advise and develop a yoga routine that is easy to do on your own in your own time. One-on-one training sessions ensure that proper technique is achieved to maximise effects.


Yogalates is a mix of Pilates and yoga. Pilates helps you to shred fat and gain muscle definition while strengthening your core, while yoga helps with flexibility and strength while relaxing your body.

These sessions are on a Wednesday at 6pm and 7pm, as well as on a Saturday at 10am.

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